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World Banknotes
Posted by Mike on 1/28/2012 to Miscellaneous

Whilst for the early fore-runner numismatist whose only interest was the collecting of metallic coins of intrinsic value, a good selection of published informative specialist catalogues and booklets on the subject of coin collecting were at hand, whereas although coins and paper money are alike in terms of the fulfillment of the legal requirements to facilitate commerce,

World Banknotes Page 2
Posted by Mike on 1/28/2012 to Miscellaneous

By the end of the 19th. century Japan had become established as a formidable military power in the Far East.
Fast forward to the era of the 1940s:
With no prior warning given Japan's new prime minister Prince Fumimaro Konoye, as representative of The Japanese Imperial Government authorised war.

Old Drafting Instruments Page 2
Posted by Administrator on 1/11/2012 to Fountain Pens

A few inventors had taken an interest in attempting to produce a workable drafting pen which had an inbuilt ink holding reservoir based on the principal of the fountain pen.
In America1892, Edmund Dickey patented a ruling pen with a hollow barrel section which could be unscrewed from the pens metal converging blades and filled with plan drawing ink, this invention did not prove to be a commercial success.