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Montblanc Fountain Pens
Posted by Mike on 12/29/2011 to Fountain Pens

A hundred and five years ago in Berlin, in the year 1906, two resourceful businessmen joined together in partnership for the purpose of manufacturing fountain pens.
Engineer, August Eberstein, and merchant, Alfred Nehemias set up business from a small workshop based in Berlin, later joined by entrepreneur Claus Johanness VoB, who became the third partner and part financier.
By 1908 their company had acquired a factory building at the Palace of Industry premises in Hamburg where they commenced trading under the name of the Simplo Fillerpen Company, with the further backing of a new silent partner namely the Hamburg office supply firm Rothschild trading as Behrens and Company, which had acquired a stake in the their new pen company.
In 1909 less than a year from the company's official founding Simplo launched the first of their fountain pen models made of black hard rubber material called ebonite or vulcanite, these were fitted with a red top to the cap, confusingly from1912 the Simplo Fillerpen company was also producing eye-dropper pens, ink filled by glass pipette under the French name of Rouge et Noir, (the red and the black) even more confusingly however, for political reasons this name was later changed to Rotkappchen, or Red Riding Hood.
Primarily due to an associate who had joined the company as a partner and financier in 1906, internal managerial problems had been brewing for some time, being unable to further contribute and fulfil commitments made his resignation was accepted in April 1909, by the early part of the following year a complete re structuring of the company had become necessarily essential.
It also became apparent that a more symbolic and impressively apt company name was sought.

The Name of Mont Blanc:

If you think about it at all, you may agree that the name of a mountain is an odd name to adopt for a company making fountain pens.
Including the two metre high cross at the mountains summit, at 15,780 ft. or 4810 metres in height the loftiest of the Alps within the Savoy range of mountains known by climbers as the 'cursed mountain' on which well over 6000 would be mountaineers lives have been lost, was first climbed on the 8 of August 1786.
Exactly how the name Montblanc was chosen remains unknown as there are three preserved versions of how this name became adopted.
It is said that the idea to change the name from the Simplo fountain pen company to Mont Blanc was the inspiration of one of the founder members, likely the designer August
Eberstein, or a young company representative who was on holiday in Geneva, he was so inspiringly awe-struck when faced with the magnificence of this stupendous mountain, the highest in Europe and seen in his eyes as symbolic of the peak of perfection, reflected in the quality of the Mont Blanc fountain pens.
By the end of 1910, all of the Simplo Fillerpen products were given the new name Montblanc Simplo, which later became Montblanc Simplo GmbH.

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